From the simplest to the most complex and sophisticated. We design cooker hoods and accessories in order to offer always new and different models.


Each product is unique and exclusive, thanks to the creativity combined with the skillful craftsmanship that distinguishes us.


Our design starts with an idea, a concept, and then develops till it becomes a product. We project cooker hoods and accessories designed to last for its solidity, style and elegance without neglecting the attention to details.


Carvings, paintings and special finishes are executed entirely by hand by our skilled artisans, and can be customized in order to best meet our customer needs.


We choose only quality materials and coatings with low solvent content, to ensure a reliable and durable product.


Long experience, attention to details, refined materials, and cutting-edge technology: these are the elements that have always distinguished TRE B ITALIA and make our cooker hoods, products of appreciated quality.

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